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When a company in this industry abuses and harms the industry and members with fraud, theft, deceptive trade practices we mark them and keep them out of the Wireless Industry Association. These criminal perpetrators often don't go away, too often they won't quit their methods easily. They will continue to use almost any deception to get into WIA to have the badge of integrity that membership provides to continue their criminal acts.

DGroupShare is a Wireless Industry Association transactional feedback feature for the sharing and exchange of information among members. Members can post positive, negative, neutral, resolution, or praise feedback related to Wireless Industry or Wireless Dealer Market transactions or companies . Subsequently, members should communicate direct by phone, email, fax or, postal mail. The DGroupShare feedback area is not a forum or chat room for direct communications.

You may find surprises in DGroupShare as there are definitely companies and people in the industry that you "Do Not Want To Conduct Business With".  Conduct a search by company name, part of a name or a person's name before buying or selling. If in doubt, call WIA.


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Full information in this feedback feature is non-public, members only. Negative feedback here can cause serious loss of business to the target company and possible litigation. We encourage you to attempt resolution a last time by email or by telephone before posting negative feedback here. If you later change your mind about someone, you may leave a follow-up reply comment to explain the misunderstanding.

Serious negative feedback will cause the Association to consider suspension, probation, or non-renewal of membership of member company causing harm to others.  Click Here to review our policy concerning complaints.

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