Post Your Ads With One Click.

  What is Auto-Post? How does it work? See example HERE .

Auto-Post provides a database of ad templates you can manage and post with one click. Post all of your ads - ONE CLICK. 

After setup, at the Auto Post ad management page you will see all Auto Post ads stored in your database on the WDM server.

Here you can:    
  • Create ads (templates).
  • Tag ads for posting (check box.)
  • Post the selected ad set NOW with one click.
  • Edit ads.
  • Delete ads.

WDM ad management is quick and easy. If no ad changes are required from one posting day to the next, you can re-post the selected ads with one click.  Your daily limits apply.
When you click to post all checked ads Auto Post actually inserts copies of the ads (templates)

All regular ad editing features remain in effect. (individual ads.)
You can check up to your daily limit of ads and post with one click or post fewer ads several times up to you daily limit.

You can put links on your web or in your emails to bring up your latest ad set, individual ads or ad group. RSS feeds will be available soon.