Wireless Industry Association

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Advanced Distributor membership  (Pops)  
Includes Auto Post, WI-Mail &   Roll-Over Pop-Message & Pop-Banner features.
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Main Page Slide-In Ad - 125 X 300 pixels, vertical. Animation OK.

$ 895 mo.

3 mo.

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Roll-Over Pop Banners 300 x 125 max size, horizontal. Animation OK.

Included with Advanced Distributor membership.

  About R oll-Over Pop Banners
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Prices subject to change without notice.
Ad space subject to prior sale and reserved for time period only with payment.
Vertical Slide-In at WDM Main Page size is 125 x 300 pixels. Call about structure.
Advertisements with n on-returning links to webs or URLs to or through redirect pages or any webs or URLs that don't allow the BACK button to return browser to the originating wirelessindustry.com folder or page are prohibited .
Positions with two or more members requesting will be sold and inserted on a rotation basis. Payment required in advance. Ads continuing to display beyond paid time period or displayed during any unpaid grace period will accrue charges at regular rates.
Call Gabe Roberts at 718-249-3630 with any questions.

Vertical Slide-In Ads Main Page:
Size is 125 x 300 pixels including any borders. Type is animated .GIF.
Each frame to have one pixel border unless transparent.
Ad timing and sequencing will be similar to example.
Maximum duration is fifteen seconds.
Initial slide or wipe is right to left. Last slide or wipe is left to right. Execution is two times per page load.
Advertiser furnish 2 or three frames. We do the animation here.
All advertising must be prepaid for minimum run period.

P op Banners (roll-overs):
Max. size is 300 x 125 pixels. Type is .GIF.
Each frame to have one pixel minimum border. No transparency.